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Producer:  Michael Lawrence

Cast:  Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Stephanie Gilmore

Rating: M

Friday 14th July at 8pm

Ticket cost: $15


Produced by Michael Lawrence (Bra Boys, Fighting Fear, You and Me, Missing) PROXIMITY , which has its World Premiere in NY on 4th May, stars a spectacular lineup of 8 of the world’s most iconic surfers, including  11 time world champion Kelly Slater, current #1 John John Florence, 6 Time Women’s Champ Stephanie Gilmore, radical activist Dave Rastovich,  big wave icon Shane Dorian, breakthrough performer Albee Layer and style masters Rob Machado and Craig Anderson.


Captured using 4K and VR cameras from land, sea and air, PROXIMITY is a visually stunning epic that pairs surfing’s living legends with today’s most progressive young surfers as they search for new waves and deeper understanding in exotic destinations.For over 25 years,  Taylor Steele, surfing’s most prolific and respected film director, who began his career filming the young Kelly Slater, has been immortalising surf culture and PROXIMITY, his first surf film in four years, is poised to be his crowning achievement.

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