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Date: Thursday 22nd June at 7pm

Saturday 24th June at 7:15pm

& Sunday 25th June at 4:30pm

All tickets: $15

MCLAREN is a documentary feature about an extraordinary New Zealander.A risktaking superstar who conquered the glamorous world of Formula One motor racing. A charismatic and inspiring leader, he did things his way – in 1963 forming the Bruce McLaren Racing Team to build and race revolutionary cars.


Bruce McLaren left New Zealand in 1958, aged 20, as the inaugural recipient of the “Driver to Europe Award”. Through his ability to win races and his extraordinary skill at building cutting-edge race cars, he created an enduring legacy – the McLaren motor racing brand.


In the 1960s, Formula One drivers were at the peak of their popularity. Huge crowds flocked to races in exotic locations in Europe, USA, South Africa and South America, and the winners were idolised like movie stars. McLaren was a star driver, a gifted engineer and automotive designer, an inventor and an entrepreneur.


In 1970, he was killed in an accident in England while testing the M8D, a new race car he had just invented. He was 32 years old.


In his short life he achieved legendary status as a Kiwi hero. As a driver amongst the international legends of the time: Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi – the speedsters, the jet-setters, the ultra-popular idols of the track - McLaren was the youngest and the smartest of them all.


Thur 22nd June at 7pm

Sat 24th June at 7:15pm

Sun 25th June at 4:30pm

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